IGBT with Reverse Switch Rectifier


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Commutating Rectifier|IGBT with Reverse Switch Rectifier ZKGP-20000A/12V-2 with Reverse Function
It applies to large-current DC power supply in the electrolytics industry and metal industry and can be used as power supply for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, manganese and lead electrolysis, DC electric arc furnace melting, salt electrolysis, water electrolysis, graphitization furnace and silicon carbide and the power supply of similar load nature.
It is customized, just for your reference. If you have any specific demands,please tell us the parameters in details. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to meet your exact requirements.
Digest of High Current Rectifier(HCR)technical documents.
BSC 6M-1A stabilized voltage and current power supply control trigger board
BSC6M-1A stabilized voltage and current power supply control trigger board is composed of given integrator, regulator, trigger, pulse transformer and dc power supply. It is mainly applicable to various three-phase thyristor ac voltage stabilization, stabilized current power supply, plating power source, electric heating power source and ac phase control voltage regulator. The operating principle of the circuit is shown in diagram C 2 and C3.
2、Major technical parameters
2.1Rated operational voltage on main circuit valve side: 380 V (50Hz)
2.2Alternating current power source: single phase: (18V+18V) /0.5A;18V/0.5A
2.3Alternating current synchro source: three-phase four-wire phase voltage (10~20) V/0.3A
2.4Voltage feedback signal: DC 10V
2.5Current feedback signal: DC 1V
DC 75mV (breaking R6)
2.6Trigger pulse phase shift range: α= 0~150°
2.7Pulse symmetry: less than 0.5°
2.8Pulse signal width: 12°, double narrow, interval 60°
2.9Trigger pulse voltage: 10V
2.10 Maximum pulse current: 400 mA
2.11 Maximum outline size: 280×205×40(mm3)
3、Light emitting diode
Light emitting diode indication status is given in table 1
Table 1
Indication status when LED is shining
OFFOutput pulse blocked
RUN Running state
+2 4 24V normal
LED 1~66-path pulse indications

4.1 RP 1/K:Potentiometer for over current protection value setting
5、Connection terminal and parameter
Main connector X0,total: 32 wires, terminal number arrangements are as shown in diagram C 1 and diagram C2, the terminal functions are given in table 2.

Table 2

Terminal No.
Trigger power source
D 2AC:18V/0.5A
Z 2
Operational power supply
D 4AC:18V/0.5A
Z 4Dual 18V operational power supply midpoint.
D 6AC:18V/0.5A
DC power supplyD 2 6+ 15V,maximum output 20mA
Z 2 6 – 15V,maximum output 20mA
Given feedback signal D 3 0Given: 0~+15V
D 2 8Voltage feedback: sampling voltage +10V
Z 3 2Current feedback: sampling voltage +1V (or 75mmV,breaking R6 )
Z 14Signal ground negative terminal
Z 1 0Grounding indicates running state, RUN indicator lamp is shining, hanging indicates operation stopping
Control signal
D 1 0Blocking during grounding triggers pulse, OFF lamp shines.
Z 1 2Control signal ground point

6、Main circuit and synchronous transformer phase
Synchronous circuit and main circuit shall be with same phase, the main circuit is 11 point, and the synchronous transformer is △/Y-11, as shown in diagram C3. When the main circuit is in ac phase control voltage regulation, the synchronous transformer is △/Y-11.
7、Short circuit terminal functions are shown in table 3
Table 3
Short circuit terminal
Function in short-circuiting
Voltage and current stabilization
K1/CCurrent stabilization state
K2/VVoltage stabilization state
Open loop and closed loopK3/LClosed loop, current stabilization or voltage stabilization state
K4/KOpen loop, external potentiometer directly controls pulse phase shift through given integrator.
IGBT with Reverse Switch Rectifier

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