Customized Air Pillow Film


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Company Overview
PackBest was established in 2006, which has over 12 years experience in protective air packaging industry. We are specialized in providing different kinds of air cushioning packaging materials and solutions. With the support of our modern equipment and mature manufacturing technique, our air packaging products is leading in the inflatable air packing industry.
LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll
Product details
The high-performance LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll has strong vertical and tensile capacity with our unique production formula, much stronger than the ordinary LDPE or HDPE air cushion film roll. Air pillow film rolls running with our air pillow film machine forms a complete automatic packing system. Each air pillow can be torn along the perforation lines by single or multiple pieces on demand.
Air Cushion Rolls
Perforation width for single air pillow(mm)100-400
Single layer thickness(mm)0.020/0.025/0.030/0.035
Length of roll (m)200/300/400/600
Ø 100% Recyclable and environmental friendly;
Ø It is quick and safe to protect your any fragile or heavy products;
Ø Full automatic inflation and hot seal, save a lot of pack time;
Ø It is a small roll before inflation, so it will save a lot of space in storage and transportation;
Ø Customize sizes available;
Ø Logo printing available.
Ø Pressure resistance much better than traditional paper or foam packing material;
Ø Cleaner and increased brand image.
LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll can be mainly used to pack the following products,
· Electronics
· Medical Devices
· Retail Stores
· Lighting and Home Furnishings
· Artists, Potters, Sculptors and Galleries
· eBay Shippers
· handbag and backpack, shoe fillers
· Filling gaps between various products and cartons
Customized Air Pillow Film

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